Some Useful Tips You Should Know Before Traveling To Vietnam

Undoubtedly Vietnam has becoming one of the top destinations for all kinds of travelers with beautiful scenery, friendly locals, cheap food and accommodations. Although less touristy than Thailand, but still easy to navigate, it offers up the best of everything – great beaches, incredible food, fascinating history and the feeling that you’re in a place that’s not quite like anywhere else on earth. 

However, things might be a bit challenging here if you are a first-time visitor. The worst thing that most foreigners are afraid of must be the terrifying traffic here even when you’re just crossing the street. The language is also found to be hard to understand and speak and scams are everywhere. But still, there is a vibe, a hidden rhythm that you need to find and fall into – one you have found the things you need, Vietnam will be such a lovely and unforgettable place in your heart.

Here are a few tips recommended by Vietnamese people for your first trip:

  1. Do not hesitate while crossing the street. Vietnamese traffic (especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) is notoriously intense. The key here is to not believe one hundred percent in the green light, just keep walking straight ahead, DO NOT hesitate and wait for them to pass you, once they see you are walking, they will dodge you by themselves, trust me.
  2. Do not buy anything they offer you on streets. Most of them are scams, even for a local person. The most popular scam here is overcharge for a product. Just simply ignore them even if they are a child (most of them will be a child or an old women carrying a child), do not buy anything, if you need some stuff, go to a supermarket here and you will find anything you need with a reasonable price. 
  3. Watch out of pickpockets. I suggest you to always keep an eye on your stuff, tourists usually carrying a camera with them and take some photos but if you are living in a chaotic city like Ho Chi Minh, make sure you keep your personal belongings safe and sound. The thieves could be anywhere, no matter it’s in the morning or at night. Wallets should be kept closed and secured, do bring some Vietnamese money but just some (<$100 is perfect).
  4. Be prepared for all seasons. In the south, be prepared to sweat and burn under the sun. Places like Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City are extremely warm, especially in the summer months. However, north of the Hải Vân Pass, it can be remarkably chilly and rainy. Hanoi is very cold in the winter and spring—so, if you’re travelling the entire country, bring more than just your beach attire.  
  5. Eat, eat, eat! Vietnam is famous for its street food scene, and for good reason. The produce is fresh and every dish is seasoned with fragrant herbs. And don’t be afraid to venture away from the tourist restaurants. There are delectable finds on almost every city street—just be sure to avoid any place that doesn’t have running water or its own refrigeration system.
  6. Don’t live in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city. Instead, travel to other rural areas and you will be amazed how nature bias Vietnam. There are many and many exotic sights, stunning landscapes that you cannot find anywhere else. I will suggest some area like Ninh Binh province, Quang Ninh, Phu Quoc,… More adventurous and less expensive.

I wish these tips will help you somehow in your first trip to a such a wonderful country – Vietnam. To sum up, please remember to study before you go.

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