The Reasons Why You Should Visit Vietnam In Your Next Holidays

Vietnam is getting more and more popular nowadays as one of the most worth-exploring travel destinations in Southeast Asia. It’s a country that has many things to offer despite your traveling style – from the most stunning 5-star resorts to the coziest typical Vietnamese homestays, only your desire to explore is important, everything else is in your grab of hand. There are marvelous landscapes and tranquil heritages, these pictures capturing the ordinary day life of the locals will surely make you want to visit Vietnam in the next vacation. 

Let’s start with what we eat first, here is the most famous Vietnamese dish: “Pho”

Pho is a specialty of Ha Noi, it has become a breakfast favourite for the majority of local residents, as well as some foreign expats. 

The herbs are taken freshly from the farm in early morning.

Motorbikes are what Vietnamese people use daily to getting here and there. Plus, driving it is quite fun.

Here is the marvelous landscapes. This picture is taken at the north of Vietnam called Moc Chau.

A cow crossing the road is what you can normally see while travel to some rural areas. Where else can you find this? Cool huh! 

Tranquil scenery at every old pagodas and temples. You can learn a lot of Vietnamese stories and traditions here.

Next, Halong Bay of course; one of the 7 wonders of Nature. The beauty is undeniable, worth exploring once in your life.

And if you are wondering “where can I stay during the trip?”, here are the perfect answers for you:

The Secret Terrace Studio. On 5th floor Number 11B, Hàng Khay street, Hanoi. 

Rustic Homestay Studio. On 4th floor Number 11B, Hàng Khay street, Hanoi. 

Linh’s Secret Rooftop. 23 Tay Ho street, West Lake.

Booking information can be found at:

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