Places for lasting memories with friends

Planning for a weekend hangout with friends, what are the first things that come to your mind? The malls, cinemas, restaurants, or worse, the library? Those cliché destinations are not what create memories, but places you are forced to go with families and relatives on the monotonous and never-ending so-called “family bonding time”(to me at least)

Yet friends are the sources of extraordinary fun, therefore those ordinary places are out of the list. Here we introduce you 3 suggestions for the unforgettable time in Hanoi:

1.  Galaxy Hunter paintball club

Should Counter Strike is a part of your childhood like mine, then trying this shooting simulation is a must! Grab a gun, wear the armors, and hunt for the enemies at your own risk, just like the old times. The price is totally reasonable, while the joy of holding the gun, practice the skills you only on the PC screen with real-life battlefield terrain are priceless. Stay away if you want a peaceful and clean day out!

2.   We Escape

Suppose you are a more of a thinking type of person, We Escape is the perfect food for your brain. Your group will be trapped in a room where clues are given as the keys for ways out. Not only is the game thought-provoking and team-building, the small space can be a private place for chatting if you cannot solve the hint, just as I and my friends once turned a We Escape into a showbiz forum (just kidding, do try your best to get out)

3.   Homestays

So you and your friends are not active and energetic enough for shooting and not brainy enough for puzzles. It is absolutely fine, as the memories from these friends’ union, after all, do not result from individual abilities but the whole gang’s experience. For new experiences, you simply need a new place, an accommodation unique enough to generate something you have never felt before. Come to Momento for the nostalgia, Au Frais for the scenery or Rustic for the coziness. Just play board games, talk, or simply go with the flow, be yourself and the best moments will come!

The choices are yours now, but choose wisely: Hanoi is a place to remember, a journal your gang can write your own unforgettable stories on.

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