Places in Hanoi making you want to stay Phở-ever

You may come to Hanoi for the curiosity of a foreign culture: the 36 streets, the Old Quarter, the food,… but after a while some might no longer be that intriguing. You meet the dilemma of a typical tourist, realizing that could be ALL  this destination has to offer: after all, you come for phở, but stay for what?

1.Rustic Homestay In Hanoi Old Quarter

Stay for the “new” vintage.

The accommodation is the ticket back in time: nowhere in Hanoi may you find a hammock and bamboo chairs: the breath of ancient Asian architecture blending in with such Westernized surroundings. This somewhat unique and novel combination create an overall sense of nostalgia, as a intersection of past and present, and coziness. The size of the room is just perfect for a couple, the light is just dim enough for a romantic scenery: Where else is better for the sake of love and companionship?

2.  Au Frais Penthouse View

Stay for the wind.

Experience the mountains right in the urban center. Enjoy the high winds blowing from the West Lake. The Au frais comes with many attractiveness: the first-rate convenience, the central location,.. but what makes it a love at first sight is the spacious balcony resembling a rooftop café. You can make yourself a coffee and spend the whole evening with the panoramic city view and the feel of freedom when the wind rises. Ever heard of that balloon house in Up? It feels just the same.

3.Vinhomes Luxury Apartment

Stay for the luxury

The name reveals some, but cannot says it all: the room reminds you of some five-star hotels, but the bills won’t. With the sense of extravagance coming from the modern architecture( the picture can tell ), the price is not going to empty your pocket: this is one of many benefits of homestays over hotels ( *link to other post*) when the price seeming to be staggering at first but when shared, the hesitation will be gone!

I hope you have got the a reason to stay. If not, come to to explore more phenomenal homestays!


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