About Hanoi – Let’s feel the bustle and hustle in the air

A city between the rivers, built on lowland, Hanoi is one of the most popular destination for tourists in Vietnam. Hanoi has many scenic lakes and it is sometimes called “city of lakes”. Among them, the most famous are Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake and Bay Mau Lake. In one form or another, Hanoi has been a capital city for around 1000 years. With its many museums, pagodas, the jumbled maze of narrow streets of the Old Quarter and legendary Hoan Kiem Lake, the city is a history buff’s delight.

Hanoi at a glance

Vietnam’s capital city is day-by-day growing up to make up for the time lost to the devastations of war. Hanoi population is around 8 million, the second largest provinces in Vietnam, so not surprising when its’ streets are always surging with scooters battling for right of way in the middle of the tumult of constantly blaring horns. Digging through layers of layers of Hanoi history, despite all the suffocation of French and Chinese Occupation – we can feel a strong resilience of proud, ambitious Hanoians.

Hanoi Food

Hanoi is best known for its’ diverse cuisine that no one can forget. When the word “Pho” is mentioned, people from all over the world will immediately think of Hanoi, Vietnam. However, if you have been in Hanoi for long enough, you will explore a whole new different world of food that goes beyond just ‘pho’. Hanoi is a wonderland of cheap food and drinks, offers a variety of soups, kinds of noodle, rolls, traditional bread with plentiful of fresh herbs and vegetables. Bun cha, banh cuon, bun rieu, bun oc, nem cua be, cha ca, bia hoi Hanoi,…. are some of the most symbolic cuisines in Hanoi.

Hanoi Weather

Hanoi has a typical weather of tropical monsoon type: dry cold winter and hot summer with high rainfall. Hanoi also receives a huge amount of sunlight and high level of humidity throughout the year. Mainly divided in 2 seasons: rainy season and dry season, Hanoi still can experience all four seasons a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Hanoi People

“Hospitality” is the most used word by foreign visitors when describing human of Hanoi. Called by the name “Hanoian” or usually known as “Trang An” people are famous for the long lasting tradition of courtesy and elegance. Hanoi people are extremely friendly, hurry, hospitable, polite, elegant and gourmet. Wandering around Hanoi, you will see some typical scenery like a defiant real-deal with hawkers, while the folks are having breakfast on noodles, the old ladies are practicing T’ai chi at dawn on the shores of Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake), or a group of grandfathers are playing chinese chess.

Dine on hustle and wonderful at every corner, sleep soundly in a little traditional home, hanging out with Hanoians, dive into the past and observe the awakening of Hanoi.

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