Can Money Buy Happiness?

All too often, we say to ourselves that money cannot buy happiness. Happiness, as argued by many, must be achieved through such traits as love, generosity or sympathy, something that is not limited within the boundary of income. As a matter of fact, countless cases of lottery winners found themselves in a much more wrenching and sorrowful life.

But what if, I say that money can make you happy, that the fact YOU HAVE MONEY is not as important as WHERE you spend in on. As for lottery winners, the majority spent it on themselves, which ruined their relationships and burdened them with debt. Being rich, you may rent an entire presidential suite in a five-star hotel in Hanoi yet still fill somewhat empty and unfulfilled. Being poor, just sharing a piece of candy can make your day!

So the secret is revealed: The money spent on others is one that can actually buy happiness. But you cannot simply donate all for charity: what is the balance between enjoying yourselves and others’ satisfaction?

If you are wondering, then Homestays are the answers. Among all kind of accommodations in Hanoi, how could Homestays win the games?

rooms for your travel to Hanoi but you are also given a chance to make unforgettable memories with others.

Imagine yourself in the balcony of Au Frais, appreciating the finest specialty coffee of Vietnam and the scenery of the picturesque West Lake, that is the moment, not every hotel can offer. You can feel the fresh air filling your lunge and gentle winds flowing through your cheeks: You know you earn it after hard-working days.

Then you turn back to the main room, seeing your children playing on the wooden floor, sometimes burst into laughter and your mother enjoying her habit of cooking in the kitchen nearby. Suddenly you feel a sense of peace, lightheartedness, and delight more than ever seeing your money doing good for your beloved people, not just you. Isn’t that all travel about: your wellness, mentally and physically?

So now, if you are capable of, why going the traditional way of crammed and separated hotels while there are places like these homestays: cozy for your family and comfortable for you. Weekends are the perfect time to book, no need to rush because the offer is always there: one room with happiness complementary.



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